Kids Parties with a Fiesta Touch-Featuring “Kara’s Party Ideas”

When it comes to deciding themes for Birthday parties the choices are vast! Little kids love everything to do with any popular cartoon these days or their favorite things, which we know can be just as interesting and unique! #KidsSayTheDarnestThings


Amols’ is full of party supplies and decorations that can suit any theme you’re little ones want this year! From table ware to hanging decorations and of course the beloved fiesta party supplies we carry; we can be your one stop shop when it comes to decorating for your kid’s party.

Out of California, Niki Stoller was requested to make a Two-Year old birthday party one of a kind and Mexican Themed with a large dose of Peppa Pig. Niki did an astounding job as she designed this little girl’s Peppa Pig Party with our party supplies to make this special occasion spectacular! We are thrilled to share this beautiful kid’s party idea and hope that it can inspire you to do something similar.


Kara’s Party Idea’s featured this fiesta of a time in her blog about Peppa Pig themed parties.

“This is what Niki shared about the party- “When Ryane, Jordan’s momma came to me and asked me to help her design her daughter’s 2nd birthday that she already themed Taco Twosday, I jumped at the opportunity.
This Southern California toddler has been raised on a steady diet of Mexican inspired food and loves Peppa the Pig. We merged the two ideas together and started to DIY all of the details from the cardboard cactus plants, to the custom made piñata stick, the peppa the pig tic tac toe and temporary tattoo parlor this party was a hit with the kids.
I would love to provide all of the DIY instructions for this party for your followers”.”

Here are a few items that Niki used to decorate the Peppa Pig Fiesta Themed party!!

chili wicker bsll
Chili Pepper Pom $3.98.
fiesta tattoo
Fiesta Tattoo Assortment $2.99.
Rachel’s Mexican Paper Flowers $0.89 each, Assorted Colors!
8 ” Traditional Maracas $2.95 per pair.
mini sombrero
Mini Straw Sombrero. $0.35
7″ x 1″ Serapes 1 Dozen. $7.99
wicker ball dangler
Wicker Ball Spiral Dangler. $0.55
wicker ball hanger
Wicker Ball Spiral Dangler. $0.55

Chinese New Year Traditions

Though we’ve made our resolutions and toasted to the New Year, the celebration hasn’t closed its doors just yet! Chinese New Year, or Lunar New Year, will take place on February 8th this year. So if you haven’t been keeping up with your resolutions, all hope is not lost. With the Chinese New Year on its way, you’ve still got a second chance to get that book read or that junk food out of your house.

When it comes to party planning for this particular New Year, there isn’t nearly as much champagne toasting as we’re used to. However, it’s certainly not an occasion to miss! The Chinese New Year is known for its most important element, the reunion dinner. Held on the eve of the New Year, the dinner spread is lavish with multiple courses – including a raw fish salad known as yee sang. The tradition behind this is that the higher you toss the salad, the more your fortunes will grow in the New Year. How’s that for a tradition?

While the western New Year focuses on resolutions and fresh starts, the Chinese New Year is tied to tradition and symbolism. One of the most common traditions that can be seen during the celebration is the dragon dance. It is believed that the loud beats of the drum and cymbals together with the face of the dragon dancing aggressively can evict evil spirits. These dances take the great skill and mentality of a sports team with the stagecraft of a performing arts group.

Today, the celebration lasts for two weeks featuring a number of important icons and decorations. From dragons to lanterns, Amols’ has a great selection of beautiful decorations to help bring good fortune to your Lunar New Year.

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