Tips for Hosting a New Year’s Eve Party at Home

There always seems to be a certain amount of pressure surrounding New Year’s Eve. Everyone thinks they need to have an epic and memorable night no matter what they must endure to achieve it. First, you feel forced to make plans to go to bars that make you buy expensive tickets for what amounts to a champagne toast and balloon drop at midnight. Depending on where you go, you may need a hotel to stay at, and having to find a taxi or ride share on New Year’s Eve is a nightmare.

Knowing all that, it’s better to invite some friends for a few drinks at your house and avoid all that hassle completely. Put some of our tips for hosting a New Year’s Eve party at home into practice.

Create a Theme

If you expect to host a large group, get everyone in the mood by setting up a theme in advance. It can be black tie or more relaxed with wigs and sunglasses. Themes get people excited because it makes them plan in advance and think about the night. For a black-tie theme, get classy with champagne glasses and flutes. If you want a more relaxed vibe, our balloons offer the best way to ring in the new year with a balloon drop.

Provide Activities

Drinks and great conversation are enough entertainment for some, but that’s not true for everyone. Have some fun games available to play, like board games or cards, for people that want activity. You don’t to make people wait for something to happen, so give it to them.

Get Festive

On New Year’s Eve, accessories like multi-colored streamers, hats, glitter tiaras, and noise makers are always fun and wanted. Get everyone ready for the countdown by handing out beaded necklaces, confetti party poppers, and LED glasses. Take a picture of the group with their party gear on at midnight. If you need some supplies, we have a huge inventory of every kind of party favor.

Plan the Music

The soundtrack playing in the background is important to your party’s success. Having the right mix of high energy music, classic hits, and current favorites will keep the party going all night. Everyone has different tastes in music, so throw in a little bit of everything. If that’s too much pressure, find a playlist on a streaming service and let it play all night.

Set the Ambiance

Since it gets so dark so early, set the mood with some soft lighting. If you have a fireplace, get that going to make the room feel cozy. Just make sure you don’t make it too dark; people might get sleepy and cash in early. Keep the kitchen well-lit, though, so you can see what you’re doing when prepping drinks and food.

Treats for Your New Year’s

We have some fabulous New Year’s party supplies, but there are a few more ways you can make this year’s celebration a hit. Food and drinks, of course, are ones we love to discuss. So this one goes out to all the foodies out there – we know that a truly great party is nothing without the perfect treats!

First things first, you’ve got to come up with some scrumptious appetizers to satisfy your guests while they wait for midnight. We suggest having a mix of sweet and savory treats. This way, there’s enough variety for those with salty palettes and those with a sweet tooth! For savory, we found that these Herbed Mini Caprese Skewers were not only tasty, but super easy to make. For sweet, these Champagne Cake Balls with a champagne undertone are sure to disappear before you know it! These appetizers are finger-lickin’ good without having to go full-meal for the crowd, and we couldn’t ask for more.

Of course, then there’s the actual champagne. While it’s already a hit on its own, we’ve seen some great ideas for jazzing it up. Take this Peach Bellini, for example – light and refreshing, this drink is perfect to make for larger parties. Combine frozen peaches, peach schnapps, champagne, and ice in a blender and blend until smooth. What could be easier than that? This is everything you’ve ever wanted in a champagne drink and more.

Now if you’re celebrating the countdown at home with family, it’s always important that the kids can participate in the fun too. While toasting to midnight on New Year’s Eve is often associated with bottles and flutes of champagne (like that Peach Bellini!), it is actually a popular tradition in Spain to ring in the new year with a skewer of twelve grapes, one for each month of the year. Adopt this tradition with your family for a kid-friendly and sweet New Year’s Eve treat!

We could keep going, but it’s probably easiest to just link you to our personal Pinterest board. We hope your New Year’s party is a huge success!

How-to: Perfect your New Year’s Party

1. Make a guest list! We’ve all been there. You think you know everybody who is going to be stopping by, only to find out that Ally’s cousin Login will be in town, and he’s really interested in stopping by – and by the way can his football buddies come, too? In situations like this, having as firm a guest list as possible is a lifesaver. Not only will it help you plan the amount of food you’ll have and the way people will get along into the night, it can also let you know exactly what sort of venue is feasible and how many extra people you can accommodate.

2. Send invitations…now! As you know, New Year’s is a big holiday. Sending out your invitations ahead of time will give you the advantage when it comes to getting people to show up. It also allows you to properly plan to throw an awesome party! Foresight in this area is the difference between a rocking shindig full of people who you like the most, and a poorly attended dud where you continually annoy your cats with noisemakers.

3. Serve food that’s easy but filling! You’ll definitely want to serve some food, but a full meal can be daunting for a high volume of guests. Instead, encourage them to have dinner before they come and let them know that you’ll have snacks throughout the night. Serving finger foods like pretzels, sliders, and deviled eggs keeps your guests full while allowing them to have their hands free for drinks and laps free for some serious dancing!

4. Keep it simple! If the party is going to be at your home, paper napkins and plates are perfectly acceptable. This will reduce the risk of anything being broken, not to mention making clean up the next day a much easier experience. Grabbing an all-in-one party kit will make creating the perfect holiday ambiance a breeze and save you a headache. Instead of scrambling around to store after store, contact Amols’ for help! Our kits are a fiesta in a box full of hats, horns, beads, and so much more. Hand out the favors to friends and family, and get ready to make some resolutions that you’ll definitely keep up this year.

Be sure to check out and download our full version of this How-To Guide – best part is, it’s free for customers!

A Roaring 20’s New Year’s Eve Theme

When it comes to New Year’s Eve, there are plenty of directions you can go in when it comes to theme and colors. However, one of our all-time favorite choices is a 20s-themed celebration. It’s totally glamorous, and everyone always appreciates the throwback look. Check out our tips to recreate the Jazz Age this New Year’s Eve.

1. Retro party favors and accessories for all. Our Chicago Swing for 50 kit makes this tip extraordinarily easy. Outfit the men in classic black and white fedoras, and hand out plumed tiaras to the ladies. Everyone will instantly feel like they’ve arrived at a speakeasy for the night. If you’re going for a more colorful theme, try our Swing Time Tiaras.

2. Serve up inspired drinks from the decade. Prohibition may have been the law of the land then, but there were plenty of iconic cocktails being mixed. Here are a few great ideas; the French 75, with champagne and gin, is especially fitting for New Year’s Eve.

3. Play some flapper-approved hits. You may want to intersperse some jazzy tunes with more current songs, or even try out The Great Gatsby soundtrack for a fun mix. Your guests will definitely appreciate this extra touch.

4. For decorations, stick with blacks and metallics. With a Roaring 20s look, you can go heavy on the glitter and sequins – perfect for New Year’s! Our Cascade 2018 Centerpiece is a great way to ring in the New Year while sticking with the retro theme.

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