Dia De Los Muertos

Getting ready to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos? Amols’ is your one stop shop for lavishing your ofrendas beautifully and authentically.


During Day of the Dead, it is your families’ distinct honor to celebrate your loved ones that have passed! Most people associate this holiday with mourning for the dead, however, it is the exact opposite. The Day of the Dead holiday is a true celebration of life. In ancient times it was thought to be disrespectful to mourn for those who have passed away, which led to this annual celebration of life.  

Tea Light Holders and Picture HoldersOne of the most iconic traditions of the holiday is the creation of unique and welcoming ofrendas. At Amols’ we have many authentic ways to design your family altars as well as your homes or offices! Our favorite items for the ofrendas are the Tea Light Sugar Skull Holders for pictures or candles. These items are beautifully made and extremely festive! We recommend these hand painted sugar skulls to help keep your altar space from being too crowded while they hold your pictures or your candles.



Marigolds are a must for Dia De los Muertos as well! It is said that the scent from the flowers will draw the deceased back to their homes.  Our classic paper marigolds provide an authentic and lasting look for decorating your loved ones’ grave and your ofrenda. The Marigolds come in many colors to create  a vibrant display of love to welcome home the deceased.

Our favorite decorations for Dia de los Muertos would have to be the Paper Mache Skeletons and mini Catrina’s. These items are handcrafted in Mexico! The beautiful dolls create a  perfect authentic look for this holiday. We have many to choose from and each one unique in their own way. In addition to the dolls, our paper mache skulls are a wonderful choice for decorating as well.


Most people dress up for this occasion and we have many masks to help design your wardrobe for the celebration. These day of the dead masks encourage you to reunite with your loved ones while looking beautiful as you do it. If you’re in a profession where face painting is not an option, the masks allow you to celebrate and still be professional! Some people’s skin does not react well with the paint either, making the masks a perfect alternative. 

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Dia de los Muertos is a time of the year for remembering. Here at Amols’,  we have everything you need to prepare your altars or homes. Skip the stress of going to several stores to find what you need; we have it all!

Day of the Dead Alters

During the annual Día de los Muertos festivities, people create elaborate altars to honor their loved ones who have passed. These unique altars are an iconic part of Day of the Dead. Take a look at a few of our favorite ways to put together an authentic altar on your own.

Marigolds are ubiquitous during Día de los Muertos, and are usually found on the altars. These flowers are the symbol of death, but they’re not as depressing as they sound. Rather, their scent is meant to draw the deceased back to their homes. As such, some people even leave a trail of marigolds from their houses to the graves of their loved ones. For your altar, purchase some real marigolds from your florist, or decorate with classic Mexican paper flowers.

Of course, you don’t need us to tell you that sugar skulls are a must-have for an authentic altar. We have tons of great skull decorations, but we’d definitely recommend our Tea Light Holders. Candles are an important part of Dia de los Muertos, and we love placing them in these decorated sugar skulls. They create a wonderfully festive look when you light the candles.

To complete the look, include photos of the deceased who you’re honoring — obviously an important part of the altar.

Whether you’re teaching a class about this tradition, or celebrating it yourself for the first time, you’ll be able to put together a wonderful altar with these tips. ¡Feliz Día de los Muertos!

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