Fun Halloween Parties

Here at Amols’ we love Halloween. There’s something for everyone: trick-or-treating for the young, costume parties for the fun-loving, and haunted houses for the faint at heart. And we’ve got party supplies for just about every Halloween event… including the truly spooky ones.

Stay safe this year during halloween! We have these great light up necklaces, skulls and pumpkins, to place on your kiddos or yourself for easy recognition when it comes to trick or treating in the dark. Want to freak out your guests at your party? Turning your house into the creepiest one on the block? We can help. If you’re going with a kid friendly  theme, our new featured product is an absolute must! This half skeleton mask and skeleton party sleeves allows you to look freaky but not be too scary for the kids. But if you’re looking for terrifying jumbo props, Hang our Grim Reaper Wall props around the house and watch as everyone shrieks at the lurking visitor.

For a memorable yet creepy game to play, cover a wall with this Pin the Ball on the Zombie. Add some ghost props, play some spooky background music, recruit someone to scream intermittently… the possibilities are endless.

If your friends are brave enough for a kid friendly yet scary party, we’ve got you covered with the best supplies. Just don’t forget to reward them for their courage — deviled egg eyeballs and witch finger cookies are necessities as well.

Happy spooking!

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